What does it mean to build a good habit?

Growing up and becoming a more responsible version of ourselves comes with its series of daily choices, trials & tribulations, deep inner reflections and dealing with the discomfort of our everyday fears, anxieties & insecurities that surface when we choose to deal with them and face them head on. 

Building better habits means taking control of our lives, of ourselves, of our everyday choices and of our well being…for the better. It comes from living through different types of experiences, having the difficult conversations we knowingly avoid, acknowledging the emotions, learning from our past mistakes, trusting our own judgments, understanding our limits and knowing when to say no when we are feeling truly exhausted. 

Like many things in life, change can feel difficult at first, but it’s something that gets easier with time, patience and daily practice — we are simply…building a better habit! 

Start where you are and help build better habits by the day. 

Though we all act, think & feel differently, when it comes to the betterment of our health, a few things remain the same:

1. Cook More Often


Cooking helps us to eat better, save time, disconnect from the daily stress and it gives us that sense of relief we usually feel from breaking our bank account after having succumbed to the modern daily conveniences of takeout food, fast food restaurants and hopping onto any food trend that comes along our way.

2. Exercise

Daily exercise, in all its shapes and forms, can help rid ourselves from the daily outer noise as it allows our bodies to release endorphins, reconnect with ourselves as well as feel a sense of inner calm & euphoria. 


3. Connect With Others


It’s normal for us to feel anxious, sad and lonely at times. As humans, we thrive on social connection in order to feel more accepted, safe and comforted. Surrounding ourselves with good, loyal and familiar company every now and then can help cloud over those dark, lonely & gloomier days.

4. Disconnecting

With the daily alerts, calendar reminders, alarms and the way social media can easily breed comparison, the outer world can often feel very loud & overwhelming. There’s nothing like the nice feeling of taking a step back and enjoying where we are in that moment.

Building better habits means you are comfortable and confident with the decisions you choose to make each and every day for you to always be the best version of…yourself ! Change starts with you. 

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